Coruxo v Leganes Football Match – 24.02.2013

Leganes Squad
Leganes Squad

Coruxo v Leganes Football Match – 24.02.2013 – Spain Third Division Match Preview and Prediction


Coruxo v Leganes football match will be in 24.02.2013 at Coruxo, Spain for Spain Third Division Group B. Coruxo FC’s performance has raised in last weeks and they didn’t get any lose 7 matches in a row in the league. They want to play play-off matches at the end of season. It won’t be very easy for them cause there are not much point difference between Coruxo and their rivals in the league. Leganes has their first lose after 13 matches later against Tenerife. I think Tenerife will gain the title at the end of season. Leganes has lost to important chance via losing against Tenerife. All the same Leganes is the strongest team of Third Division with Tenerife and they will get a result in this match.


Match Prediction: Leganes doesn’t lose

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