V.I.P Tipster Review

Tipster Review: V.I.P Service

High stakes betting attracts a certain type of customer and possessing the finances to deal with the risk associated with it is an essential element for punters considering betting big.

The V.I.P service is one of the market leaders when it comes to effective high-stakes tipping and their comprehensive service allows punters to keep their bank balance rolling.

The professional nature of the V.I.P service has enabled it to become a reliable and trustworthy tipster provider that continues to stand out in the sometimes murky world of high-stakes tipping.

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V.I.P Service Background:

V.I.P Service launched back in 2016 and was a branch out of the successful TPS ratings service. Subsequently, the V.I.P Service has joined forces with betinfo24.co.uk and they have become their leading high-stakes tipping provider.

Email and phone tips are provided by the team at the V.I.P Service on a daily basis with generally the highest rating horses in particular races being selected.

The V.I.P Service is a relatively reasonable service in comparison to some of their rivals and they have 3 sign up options: monthly £39.99, quarterly £99.99 and a yearly subscription which costs £249.99.

Key Statistics:

The V.I.P Service has produced consistently strong returns for their followers since their launch three years ago and are amongst the market leaders with an average monthly profit of £1585.

High stakes punting is their game and with Return on Investment of 25% currently, the V.I.P Service are delivering solid results for their followers on a regular basis.

The very nature of favourites betting should of course induce high strike rates but with a winning ratio of 77%, the V.I.P Service possess incredibly impressive statistics in this department.


Whilst high stakes punting is certainly not for everybody, the V.I.P Service have found a niche in the tipping market and with their quality and reliably tips, they have developed the go-to tipster website for punters looking to win big. Backing favourites may not be a new strategy per se, but with the innovative bets offered by the V.I.P Service punters can win big, especially those who are looking to maximise their bank balance.

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