Quentin Franks Racing Review

The practice of horse racing tipping has been part of sporting society in the UK for many years.

Prior to the boom of online betting, tipsters operated in a more low key environment and one of the most reputable names on the circuit has always been Quentin Franks.

Franks made the move to online tipping in 2014 and the results have continued to roll in ever since, with loyal followers seeing their bank balances soar.

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Quentin Franks Racing Background:

Quentin Franks Racing has been tipping online since July 2014 and the bank growth has been steady and consistent ever since. He is probably the flagship name within the Betting Gods group – simply due to the number of winners accrued since his online launch nearly 5 years ago. 

Daily tips arrive between 9am and 10am each morning, with followers informed of all of the runners and riders across all of the meetings that matter.

Quentin Franks’ reputation allows him to charge a little more than some of his competitors with his 2 sign up options: monthly £59 and yearly subscription £599.

Key Statistics:

Very few tipsters possess the stats Quentin Franks Racing does with their staggering average monthly profit currently standing at £244.77 – a statistic that has been maintained for 5 years.

With a Return on Investment of 21.02% punters know that no matter how much they can afford to bet, they have a strong chance of seeing some profit with Quentin Franks Racing.

Quentin Franks Racing certainly don’t play it safe either, with average odds of 6/1 and a strike rate of 22.76%, their followers have benefited from their expert tips.


Quentin Franks Racing have long been seen as one of the flagbearers when it comes to online tipping and this shows no sign of stopping. Whilst the subscription fees are significantly more expensive than some of their competitors, they have the knowhow and results to back up most of their predictions. Quentin Franks Racing are a must follow for those that can afford it and want to see their betting balance steadily grow. 

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