Triple Filtered Tips Review

The process of which a tipster arrives at their chosen betting option often is a bit of a mystery for punters and Triple Filtered Tips have taken a step to get rid of the intrigue surrounding horse racing tipsters. 

Triple Filtered Tips provide informed tips from within the inner sanctum of the UK racing scene. They have had instant success within the world of tipping and their results thus far have set Betfan alight.

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Triple Filtered Tips Background:

Triple Filtered Tips launched in September 2019 and has not looked back ever since. As part of the BetFan tipster group, they have enjoyed instant success and they have established themselves as one of the most reliable services within the conglomerate. 

With frequent references to old fashioned tipping methods and connections with those in the know, Triple Filtered Tips have developed an intelligent betting strategy, that has so far yielded impressive results.

Triple Filtered Tips offer four subscription plans; weekly subscriptions cost £10, a monthly sign-up costs £30, the price for a quarterly subscription is £84.50 whilst a 6 month plan costs customers £143.

Key Statistics:

Triple Filtered Tips have produced a profit in every month since their launch in September 2019 and with an average monthly profit of £87.69 per month – they really have hit the ground running.  

With an average return on investment ratio of 34.3% throughout their existence, Triple Filtered Tips are providing consistent results with value for money for their tipsters – making them an absolute must follow.

With a strike rate of 27.82%, Triple Filtered Tips are delivering results for followers with impressive regularity – an essential facet when operating as part of the Betfan group.


Despite being in their primitive stages, Triple Filtered Tips have become one of the most influential tipsters on the market since their launch earlier in the Autumn of 2019. With over £2000 in total profit over the course of their existence, they have an effective strategy that produces results. Like all horse racing tipsters, consistently producing results is an essential part of the operation and as they head towards their first full year on the market, Triple Filtered Tips will be eager to keep producing the goods for their punters.

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Triple Filtered Tips

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