Esports Betting Guide

eSports Bookmaker Options

The emergence eSports has not only had a profound effect on the sporting landscape but also significantly, the worldwide online betting market.

The global appeal and wealth of games and subsequent markets available have made it the hottest property on the online betting scene and plenty of big-name bookies have been quick to seize upon this growing market.

Much like a sportsbook or a casino, finding the right game to bet on for you as the punter is crucial – depending on your knowledge of each game and potential winning opportunities:

Here are just some of the E-Sports Betting Markets Offered

CS:GO: Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first person-shooter game with leagues taking place in North & South America, Russia, and Europe.

Dota 2: The multiplayer battle arena online game is hugely popular in Asia and mainland Europe and has surged in notoriety in the betting sphere in recent times.

League of Legends: Arguably the most globally renowned eSports betting market available – with tournaments having taken place all over the world for nearly a decade.

Overwatch: The relatively new first-person shooter game has been popularised through global leagues in America, Australasia, and Europe.

Rocket League: The vehicular soccer game has a cult like following and plenty of bookmakers offer global markets on international and domestic leagues and fixtures.

Benefits of eSports betting:

Holistic Sportsbook Betting Experience

Whilst eSports betting is still very much in its infancy, particularly to online sports bettors, the way games are formatted make them easy to bet on. Obviously, all eSports have their own scoring system, but punters can bet ante-post, in-play and on specific scoring markets and some of the leading bookmakers offer cash out options too.

Market Variety

All of the biggest bookmakers in the UK offer a huge variety of markets on eSports events – from enticing odds on specific games to live in-play punting on eSports fixtures anywhere on the planet, meaning there is something for everyone.

E-Sports betting – Conclusion:

Much like any sport/casino game, selecting to bet on the outcome of anything should not be random and betting on eSports requires some degree of prior knowledge and interest from the punter. The professionalisation of eSports coupled with bookmakers taking the betting options associated with the sport seriously, have made it a well-resourced betting option for all levels of punter.

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