Qatar v Oman National Football Match Preview – Gulf Cup

qatar national football team
qatar national football team

Qatar v Oman

Qatar started with a dissapointment to Gulf Cup and they lost against UAE National Football Team in first match. There were more then 4 goals in the match. It’s an unsual result for Arab National Football Teams. They generally can’t score that much when they play with each other. Now Qatar will face against Oman in 08.01.2013.

Oman had decent scores in WAFF Chgampionship and they got 3rd position in tournament. Gulf Cup is not more important then WAFF Cup and it seems Oman is ready for cup. In first match Oman face with Bahrain and they able to got draw against Bahrain. Bahrain is host team of tournament and it was a good result for them.

Match Prediction: Qatar players need a good motivation after big loss against UAE National Team. Oman is already motivated and they got 3rd place in WAFF Cup recently. Oman wins but there won’t be many goals in the match.

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