Namibia v Malawi Football Match – 23.03.2013

Namibia v Malawi Football Match – 23.03.2013 – CAF World Cup Qualification Match Preview, Prediction


namibia national football team
namibia national football team

Namibia v Malawi football match will be in 23.03.2013 at Windhoek, Namibia for World Cup Qualification match. Namibia National football Team has won against Kenya and they have lost against Nigeria in World Cup Qualification matches. Namibia national football team squad is genrally created by local league footballers. There are players from South Africa League too. Colin Benjamin from 1860 Munich is the most valuable player of Namibia National Football Team. Malawi National football Team will play against Namibia in an away match after their friendly against Botswana. Malawi got a draw against Kenya and Nigeria in group matches. I don’t think that Malawi can qualify group stage.





Match Prediction: Malawi doesn’t lose

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