JFC Helsinki v Gnistan Football Match – 28.02.2013

JFC Helsinki Squad

JFC Helsinki v Gnistan Football Match – 28.02.2013 – Finland Cup Match Preview and Prediction


JFC Helsinki v Gnistan football match will be in 28.02.2013 at Helsinki, Finland for Finland Cup. The match will be in Fair Pay Arena. JFC Helsinki could manage to beat FC Spede at an away match at Finland Cup and they have promoted to 3rd round at Finland Cup. heir opponent is a Finland second division team Gnistan and JFC Helsinki is 7th division team of Finland. . It will be very hard match for both side I believe and will be a good experience for JFC Helsinki. Gnistan has recently promoted from 3rd division to 2nd division. Their most valuable players are Pauli Kuusijarvi and Jaakko Lepola. Especially JFC Helnsinki’s right back should be careful for Jaakko Lepola’s attacks. Otherwise JFC Helsinki will hardly stop Gnistan.


Match Prediction: 2-3 goals in the match

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