Inverness C.T. v Hearts Football Match – 26.01.2013

inverness caledonian thistleInverness C.T. v Hearts Football Match  – 26.01.2013 – Scottish League Cup Match Preview

Inverness Caledonian Thistle will host Hearts F.C.  in 26.01.2013 at Inverness, Scotland for Scottish League Cup. Inverness C.T. had surprising raise in this season in Scottish Premier League and they are in second position in the league. It will quite good result for them if they keep their standing at Scottish Premier League. They got only 3 loses in Scottish Premier League. They have lost 2 matches in home matches and 1 in away match. They got 5 wins and 5 draws in home matches. Inverness didn’t lose 11 matches in row and it’s a good hint for match result.


Hearts didn’t have a good season this year and their away performance is quite poor. They won 1 match in away, 5 draws and 5 loses. They got 1 draw and 3 loses in their last 4 away matches. It wasn’t promising for Hearts.


Match Prediction: If you don’t want any risk you may think about Inverness doesn’t lose. Otherwise Inverness C.T. Wins

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