China v Iraq Football Match – 22.03.2013

China v Iraq Football Match – 22.03.2013 – Asia Cup Qualification Match Preview, Prediction, Squad Info


Iraq National Football Team
Iraq National Football Team

China v Iraq football match will be in 22.03.2013 at Changsha, China for Asia Cup Qualification match. The match will be in He Long stadium. China got a lost in their first match in Asia Cup qualification matches. They have played against Saudi Arabia and they have lost match with 2-1 score. China National Football Team is generally created by Guangzhou Evergrande footballers.  Guangzhou Evergrande striker Gao Lin is the most valuable player for China National Football Team. Gao Lin has scored 17 goals for China till now. China National Team performance has dropped in past years. China has lost against Arabic National Teams in this year. They have lost against Oman and Saudi Arabia.




Iraq National Football Team had a decent performance last year and they have played final matches in two international tournaments. They have played final in WAFF Championship and they also played final at Gulf Cup. Iraq has won against Indonesia in their last match at Asia Cup Qualifications and their teams are playing well at international teams of AFC Cup. China is underachieving and Iraq in form. Salam Shaker, Ali Rehema, Khaldoun Ibrahim, Alaa Abdoul-Zahra, Ahmed Yasin, Younis Mahmoud has been called up for Iraq aquad in this match. Mohammed Gassid, Samal Saeed, Bassim Abbas, Karrar Jassim, Muthana Khalid, Mustafa Karim hasn’t been called for Iraq squad this time. These players were experienced players of Iraq national team squad.


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