Barcelona SC v Boca Juniors Football Match – 27.02.2013

boca juniors squad
boca juniors squad

Barcelona SC v Boca Juniors Football Match – 27.02.2013 – Copa Libertadores Match Preview and Prediction


Barcelona SC v Boca Juniors football match will be in 27.02.2013 at Guayaquil, Ecuador for Copa Libertadores match. Boca Juniors had an unexpected lose against in their last match at Copa Libertadores. Their football display wasn’t very good too. If they lose this match the point difference will grow for Boca Juniors and the things will be harder for them. They need to get a draw in this match against Barcelona SC at the least. There’s no banned or injured player at Boca Juniors squad at the moment and they will be on the pitch with their ideal squad.



Barcelona SC had a surprising draw against Club Nacional at an away match in Copa Libertadores. Every points are advantage in away matches in Copa Libertadores groups cause it’s very hard to win at away matches in South America. Barcelona SC has good players in their squad and they are generally from Argentina. I believe they have enough squad quality to do not lose against Boca Juniors in this match. They may even win this match.


Match Prediction: Less then 2,5 goals. Barcelona SC doesn’t lose

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