Viktoria Plzen v Napoli Football Match – 21.02.2013

Viktoria Plzen Squad
Viktoria Plzen Squad

Viktoria Plzen v Napoli Football Match – 21.02.2013 – UEFA Europa League Match Previews and Predictions

Important Note: I didn’t predict this match result, if you want to know about injuries about teams you may go on to read this article.


Viktoria Plzen v Napoli football match will be in 21.02.2013 at Plzen, Czech Republic for UEFA Europa League. The match will start at 20:05 with GMT. Firstly I would like to congratulate all of Viktoria Plzen players, coaches and all services of them and their fans and even their city… I think they have made surprise of  2013 year with winning a match against Napoli with 3-0 score. I think that will be memorable match of Viktoria Plzen history. I don’t know how did they do it but they did… It was very hilarious for me when I saw to final score at scoreboard. I think they have believed to win this match and they won. Viktoria Plzen all squad costs just 24,3 million euro and Napoli costs 207 million Euro. Napoli players are almost 10 times worthier then Viktoria Plzen’s… I just saw to score of match in TV and I didn’t believe it. I tought they have typed wrong and Napoli won to match 3-0. Then I searched result of match from 10 different football site… I still can’t believe it and sometimes  I am still checking to match result if it was a joke… Whatever… Marek Hanousek and Petr Bolek are still injured at Viktoria Plzen squad and they won’t able to play in this match too.


Napoli fans must be shocked with their legendary lose against Viktoria Plzen. I believe they will try to fix that in this match but it’s too late. They have very good players but I don’t give them chance for promote next round. There’s no suspended nor injured players in Napoli squad and they will be on the pitch with their ideal squad.


Match Prediction: God knows… No comment…

Note: I won’t predict Viktoria Plzen matches again because a strange respect shined in my heart for Viktoria Plzen… (I will still feel same, If they even lose this match)

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