UEFA Champions League Semi Final Draw 12.04.2013

uefa champions leagueUEFA Champions League Semi-Final Draw 12.04.2013 – Preview, Prediction

UEFA Champions League Semi-Final Draw will be held on 12.04.2013 in Nyon.

The teams remaining in the Champions League Semi Final Draw are:

  • FC Barcelona
  • FC Bayern München
  • Real Madrid CF
  • Borussia Dortmund

Only German and Spanish teams left remaining in this competition and it will be interesting to see who will be drawn against.

The Champions League Semi-Final draw will be streamed live on UEFA.com at 11.00AM BST.


I predict Barcelona will get Bayern Munich and Real Madrid will get Borrussia Dortmund in this semi-final draw. Then in the finals, it could be an all German v German final or Spanish v Spanish final, which would be quite interesting, as both teams are rivals of each other in their domestic leagues.

What would be your predictions? Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments below.

Semi-Final Draw Prediction: Barcelona v Bayern Munich  |  Real Madrid v Borrussia Dortmund

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