UEFA Champions League 2012-13 Quarter Final Draws and Predictions

champions leagueRound of 16 matches has finished at UEFA Champions League this season. There were a few surprising result at Round of 16. We have watched many good matches and goals. Arsenal has lost against Bayern Munich at home, they have played perfect football at away but they couldn’t qualify. Galatasaray has beaten Schalke in away match with last minute goal and they qualified to quarter final. Borussia Dortmund got a deserved victory against Shaktar Donetsk in home. Porto had a red card in Malaga match and couldn’t keep their score advantage against Malaga in Spain. Barcelona got a surprising result against young and unexperienced footballers of AC Milan with 0-2 score and then they have came back with 4-0 score in Spain. Real Madrid has beaten Sir Alex Ferguson students in away and they have surprised everyone. Paris Saint-Germain came to quarter final round with a win against Valencia in an away match. Juventus has passed Scottish team Celtic easily. That was amazing Round of 16 in this season. Now 8 teams has left in Champions League.

Malaga v Borussia Dortmund

There are two teams who has surprised everyone in Champions League. One of them is Galatasaray and the other one is Malaga. Their squad is very modest but they are playing well team football in the pitch. They have showed everyone how must a soccer play like a team on the pitch. I believe Malaga fans should proud of their team. Their opponent Borussia Dortmund football style is looking like them.

Borussia Dortmund has beaten Shakhtar Donetsk as we have expected. That will be a hard draw for each side. First leg will be decisive who will qualify to semi final.


Real Madrid v Galatasaray

Real Madrid has beaten Manchester United and they go on their way on champions league. I believe many Real Madrid fans feel happy that they will matched with Galatasaray in Quarter Final match but I should warn them. Galatasaray is the most dangerous team in Champions League. You can’t imagine what will they do. They may even get a heavy lose against Real Madrid or they can get a victory against Real Madrid. Galatasaray has won Super Cup and UEFA Cup while Fatih Terim is head coach of Galatasaray. They have won that Super Cup match against Real Madrid. Now he is back… He knows how to motivate his players for hard matches and he has a good leadership specialities as same as Mourinho. That will be a quite interesting match. Real Madrid is still favorite of this match but you shouldn’t take Galatasaray ease.


Paris Saint-Germain v Barcelona

The most exciting match of quarter final matches in Champions League. Both teams have many stars in their squad and it’s hard to guess who will pass this round at UEFA Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain has beaten Valencia in their last matches in Champions League. Their squad is quality enough to win title at Champions League. Barcelona has lost against AC Milan in first leg of round 16 and they have surprised everyone but they have played amazing football in home and they have beaten AC Milan with 4-0 score in home. I believe Barcelona will pass this round but As I have told you: “It’s ┬áhard to guess what will happen in this match”


Bayern Munich v Juventus

Arsenal was very close to qualify to quarter final in round of 16 but they couldn’t score one more against Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich quality is well known by soccer fans. I believe their squad is quality enough to promote semi final in Champions League. I don’t know what will happen then… Bayern Munich is generally unlucky at Champions League matches. Especially in final matches… Juventus had a weak opponent in Round of 16 and they have qualified quarter final easily. I believe it will be their last europe match in this year

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