Tipster Review: Chloe’s Football Focus

Finding reliable and trustworthy football tipster services can be a tedious and arduous process, with the multitude of games available making picking winners difficult.

Chloe’s Football Focus has emerged as one of the main players on the footballing tipster market with their distinctive strategy of choosing quality over quantity.

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Chloe’s Football Focus Background:

Chloe’s Football Focus is a member of the Betting Gods community, a group of betting tipster services that pride themselves on providing the very best sporting selections for their followers.

Since their launch in November 2017, Chloe’s Football Focus have managed to establish themselves as one of the more informed and consistent services available to punters looking to win big by betting on football.

Chloe’s Football Focus is a relatively expensive football tipster service but has produced results thus far. A monthly subscription costs $39 whilst an annual sign-up costs $379.

Key Statistics:

Since its launch in November 2017, Chloe’s Football Focus has consistently produced the goods for their followers and currently have an Average Monthly Profit of $68.13.

Whilst Chloe’s Football Focus arguably doesn’t possess the most potent Return on Investment (5.15%) their longevity is testimony to their consistently accurate footballing selections.

With a Strike Rate of 38.32%, Chloe’s Football Focus has regularly found winners for their followers – something that isn’t always easy to achieve in the volatile world of football betting. In addition, their bank growth of 55.14% since November 2017 demonstrates the consistent levels of tips that have been made available to their customers.


Having been a major player on the football betting scene for nearly 18 months, Chloe’s Football Focus have proven themselves as a reliable and consistent tipster service. With a distinctive focus on a ‘slow and steady approach’, they have proven that long term bank growth can be achieved for any level of punter – regardless of initial bank balance. In addition, the decision to be more selective with their tips means Chloe’s Football Focus can pour all their resources into each tip and make a more informed decision – allowing punters to have the very best information available to them when looking to win big.

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