Sevilla v Celta Vigo Football Match – 04.03.2013

barca v sevillaSevilla v Celta Vigo Football Match – 04.03.2013 – Spanish La Liga Match Preview, Prediction and Squad Info


Sevilla v Celta Vigo football match will be in 04.03.2013 at Sevilla, Spain for Spanish La Liga match. Sevilla has quite bad performance at Li Liga this season and they couldn’t give what their supporters expected from them. There are still 13 matches for them to finish to season and they have still chance for qualify UEFA Europa League but I don’t think that they will qualify Europe tournaments this year. There were lots of red cards in past 8 matches. 10 players got red cards by refree in Sevilla’s last 8 matches. Sevilla already got 2 red cards against Atletico Madrid in their last cup match too. Sevilla got 4 wins and 1 draw in their last 5 match at home. They have beaten Real Zaragoza, Granada, Depotivo and Rayo Vallecano and they got draw against Atletico Madrid. Sevilla has scored 7 and conceded 5 goals in last three home matches. Ivan Rakitic and Gary Meded are in form especially home matches. I expect one of them to score a goal against Celta Vigo. Piotr Trochowski and ¬†Albeto Botia won’t be in squad against Sevilla.

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Celta Vigo got a win against Granada 6 matches later. They couldn’t able to win a match for 6 matches in Spain. The relegation is just too close for Celta Vigo. They could manage to get their only away win against They alsoReal Zaragoza with 1-0 score at 26.11.2012, They couldn’t win 7 matches in a row in Spanish La Liga. They got 1 win and 4 draws in their last 5 away match. Their only advantage is Sevilla’s injured players but they have two injured players too. Hugo Mallo and Samuel Llorca are injured and they won’t be in squad against Sevilla. Hugo Mallo was the best defender in Celta Vigo squad. Celta Vigo will miss him badly in this match.

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Match Prediction: Sevilla Wins, 4-6 goals at match

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