Sean Haren Racing Review

Placing trust in reliable sports betting tipsters can be a difficult and unreliable practice for even the most seasoned punter.

However, the Sean Haren Racing is on hand to provide informed tips from within the inner sanctum of the UK racing scene. They have had long term success within the world of tipping and they continue to go from strength to strength.

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Sean Haren Racing Background:

Sean Haren Racing is a relatively new player on the UK tipster scene, having only become part of the BetInfo24 conglomerate in October 2020. They have become one of the most sought after operations within the franchise since their launch and they only offer a limited number of spaces available for prospective followers. 

With an intelligent betting strategy across all sub-divisions of the UK horse sporting market, Sean Haren Racing targeting the most popular betting vocation in the UK: horse racing.

Currently, Sean Haren Racing offers two subscription plans; a monthly sign-up costs £24.99 and the quarterly price is £59.99.

Key Statistics:

Sean Haren Racing has produced profits for their followers in every single month they have been associated with the BetInfo24 tipster group and their solid average monthly profit of £331 is testament to that.  

With an average return on investment ratio of 35% since their launch in October 2020, Sean Haren Racing consistently picks winners for their followers. 

With a strike rate of 18%, the Sean Haren Racing is delivering results for followers with impressive regularity – a key element when as part of the BetInfo24 tipster group, who pride themselves on guaranteeing results.


In barely anytime at all, Sean Haren Racing have become a notorious name within the BetInfo24 conglomerate. They make no bones at aiming to pick big winning horse bets and invariably fit the bill when it comes to delivering returns for their followers. With nearly £2,000 in total profit over the course of their operation so far, they have an effective strategy that produces results. In addition, Sean Haren Racing is an affordable tipster too and should they continue their impressive result generating, they could become one of the most important tipster services on the market.

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