Rubin Kazan v Atletico Madrid Football Match – 21.02.2013

Rubin Kazan SquadRubin Kazan v Atletico Madrid Football Match – 21.02.2013 – UEFA Europa League Match Preview, Prediction, Squad Info


Rubin Kazan v Atletico Madrid football match will be in 21.02.2013 at Kazan, Russia for UEFA Europe League match. The match will begin at 17:00 with GMT. Rubin Kazan had very good performance at first match in Madrid and they have won first match with 2-0. Rubin Kazan had a good adventage and they will want to use that advantage in their home. Their second advantage is cold of Russia. I am sure the weather will be very cold at Kazan and Atletico Madrid players will freeze in the pitch. Rubin Kazan players are used to play matches in cold weather. There’s no banned or injured players in Rubin Kazan squad but if Jose Salamon Rondon or Oleg Kuzmin gets a yellow card in this match he won’t able to play next match in Europa League.


Atletico Madrid has dissapointed their fans with 0-2 lose against Rubin Kazan at their home. Last UEFA Europa Cup champion Atletico Madrid gave advantage to Rubin Kazan and they will try to fix that in this match. It will be very hard for them. Atletico Madrid has no injured or banned players in their squad for this match.


Match Prediction: Less then 2,5 goals

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