Predict 6 Scores & Win £1 Million with SkyBet’s Super 6

Do you play the lottery? Do you dream of the millionaire lifestyle?

You know what i’m talking about the champagne, fast cars, jet setting, doing whatever you please and having the time of your life?

Well how would you like the chance to win £1 million in cash?

The best part is entry is COMPLETELY FREE.

So no need to buy lottery tickets or spend your hard earned cash!

Thanks to SkyBet simply register below and if you get all 6 scores correct you’ll win your share of a cool £1 Million.

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Originally the prize was £250,000 but SkyBet must be feeling generous and are now offering a major prize which is life changing money.

This is a great freebie from Sky, even if you don’t like football, its still worth 2 minutes of your time for the chance to win big!

Also if you do fancy a £5 bet, they’ll give you another £20 free bet on the house.

I play super 6 myself, its a lot of fun you can test your football prediction skills, or maybe how lucky you are with wild guesses and who knows maybe you will win big!

They also feature all of your favourite pundits such as Paul Merson and Jamie Redknapp so you can see if you can beat them on the leaderboard.

If you want to get your mates involved just create a league and you brag about who is the best with football predictions.

What’s also handy is that SkyBet will calculate the profit you’ll make if you get
6 correct results.

This is different to correct scores which is much harder, but if you can get whether a team is going to win, draw or lose 6 times a £5 bet can usually land you about £500. Nice.

All in all I think this is a great bit of fun, and if you get your friends involved and love a bit of football its a great little competition to have on the go.

Sky have a great website for this, and its really easy to play each week, you can even get an app to use on your phone.

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