Millwall v Wigan Athletic Football Match – 13.04.2013 – FA Cup

millwall squad
Millwall Squad

Millwall v Wigan Athletic Football Match – 13.04.2013 – FA Cup Preview, Prediction, Squad

Millwall v Wigan Athletic Football Match  will be played on 14.04.2013 at Wembley Stadium (London) for an FA Cup match. M. Oliver will be the match referee.

Millwall are currently in 16th position in the English Championships with 52 points. They haven’t had a good season, as they failed to get the top 6 positions so far to be in a chance to taste the Premier League. They have actually been quite good in the F.A Cup. I believe they managed this far is probably because they were against weaker teams (mainly those in the lower leagues). In their last 5 matches in the FA Cup, they have 4 wins and 1 draw, their last win was against Blackburn Rovers, which knocked them out by 1 goal. It ended 0-1 with Millwall playing away.

Wigan are in 18th position in the Premier League with 31 points, they are in danger of being relegated and may drop to the Championships. They have been poor all season but in their F.A Cup matches, they have been good. In their last 5 matches in the F.A. Cup, they managed a 1-1 draw in the first match, then they won all 4 matches in a row keeping them in the competition. All their matches were away matches, they never played a home match in all their FA Cup matches this season. Their last match was against a Premier League team Everton, which they beat 0-3 playing away. It was a shocking result for Everton, as they were favourites to win that time.

I think this match will be really close and it could be decided by just 1 goal. If I had to predict who will win, I think Wigan is generally the better side, as they managed to defeat Everton by 3 goals and also they beat Huddersfield Town by 4 goals to 1, being the away team.


The match will begin on April 13, 2013 5:15 PM BST

Match Prediction: Wigan Athletic Win. Correct Score 0-1

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