Match Result: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool 13.01.2013

manchester united v liverpool 1Match Result: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool 13.01.2013

Manchester United hosted Liverpool in Old Trafford today and got another victory in home. Manchester United just lose one match in home matches this season and didn’t lose any other points. Robin Van Persie scored first goal of the match in 19th minute. Manchester United didn’t stop to attack but they couldn’t score any other goal in first half. First half score was 1-0 in scoreboard. In second half Liverpool tried attack Manchester goal but Manchester United scored another goal with Nemanja Vidic. Daniel Sturridge answered his goal for Liverpool in 57th minute but that wasn’t enough for Liverpool. Match Result: 2-1

Manu Won

Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool (Maç Özeti 13-01-2013)

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