Best Horse Racing Newspaper Tipsters

Few sports can match horse racing when it comes to the drama and excitement each race/meeting provides, making it one of the most watched sports in the UK.

Bookmakers are heavily reliant on horse racing in terms of their income streams and the instantaneous nature of horse racing betting allows punters to always feel very much in the game.

Value is at the heart of the appeal for horse racing fans as the unpredictability attached to the sport means that any horse can (in theory) win any race.

Associated markets with this include horse racing tipsters – services and businesses that make money through correctly (fingers crossed) picking the outcome of each race and charging punters for their insight.

Here is a guide as to how to successfully bet on horse racing in the UK and how to utilise the horse racing tipsters to your advantage:

Best Newspaper Tipsters

With horse racing so intrinsically ingrained into the fabric of British society, generations of punters have been able to access horse racing tips through newspapers for decades.

The biggest publications in the UK all have a horse racing tipster on their books and finding the right one can be a tricky process.

Few newspaper tipsters operate at an annual profit – but should you get behind one on a good day, there is serious money to be made.

Robin Goodfellow – Daily Mail 

The Daily Mail is notorious within horse racing circles and Robin Goodfellow is a proven tipster.

Equally as adept at picking winners during the flat season as the National Hunt campaign, Goodfellow is consistently up there with the best tipsters in the country.

With a general tactic of playing the percentages, rather than backing huge wins everyday – following Goodfellow for the long haul is always recommended.

Marlborough – Telegraph 

As the Champion Tipster of 2019, Marlborough at the Telegraph is another highly reputable tipster.

With a slight bias towards picking National Hunt winners successfully, following Marlborough during the winter months is always a good shout.

Consistency is key with any tipster and the longevity shown by Marlborough is testament to their excellent tipping over the years.

Rob Wright – The Times 

The Times is yet another massive publication in the UK and their links to horse racing date back over a century ago.

Rob Wright is the current tipster in the hot seat, and he has more than proved his ability since taking over the role.

Both summer and winter winners come in for Wright, who is forging an excellent reputation for himself.

If you are after another free tipster Racing Expert is another great tipster.

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