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This week we have free tips from the good people at this tipster service focuses on the asian handicap market.

If you haven’t bet on this market it basically involves adding or subtracting goals to a team you are betting on to create either shorter or longer odds than a standard win bet.

So if I bet on a -1 asian handicap bet, that means the team must win 2-0 for the bet to be successful as the the team is already -1 goals down.

If the team does win 1-0, they would be at 0 (-1 + 1 Goal) for this -1 asian handicap bet. In this case the bet has neither won or lost so your stake is refunded.

It gets more complicated with split handicap bets e.g if you bet -1/-1.5 in this instance your bet is split into two stakes. E.g. you put £10 on the bet £5 goes on the -1
side (which we have just discussed). £5 will go on the -1.5 side.

-1.5 means you need a 2 goal margin for the bet to win. So backing Real Madrid -1.5 means they need to win by 2 goals or greater e.g. 2-0, 3-1, 4-1 etc

So if the bet was on Real Madrid -1/-1.5 and they only won 1-0. This is what would happen on a £10 bet.

-1 side of bet is a push, that means half your stake is refunded. You get £5 back

-1.5 is a loss. This side of the bet lost so you lose -£5 overall.

How about if they win 3-0 at odds of 1.5?

-1 side of bet is a win as they won by more than 2 goal margin

-1.5 is also a win

so £10 at 1.5 odds = £5 profit

If you need any further help placing your asian handicap bets, Champion Bets have a handy guide below…

Asian Handicap Betting Guide

This week’s free tips supplied by Champion Bets are below, for the full tips package please visit


Date Time Home Away Bet Type Odds Bookie
06/10/2018 18:45 PSV Venlo AH = -1.5,-2.0 PSV to win 1.7 Betvictor
07/10/2018 15:45 Ajax Alkmaar AH = -1.0,-1.5 Ajax to win 1.85 Betvictor
07/10/2018 17:00 Napoli Sassuolo AH = -1.0,-1.5 Napoli to win 1.79 Betvictor

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