Thailand v Singapore Football Match Preview – AFF Suzuki Cup

thailand national football team
thailand national football team

Match Result Thailand 1-0Singapore

Thailand v Singapore

Thailand National Football Team got their first lose against Singapore in first leg of final round. They should score 2 goals at the least without concede. Thailand beat Philippines (2-1), Myanmar (4-0), Vietnam (3-1) in group stages and they got a draw against Malaysia in first leg of Semi Final rounds and they managed to beat Malaysia in home 2-0. Their opponent Singapore is stronger then Malaysia but I don’t think that Thailand will lose this match. 

Singapore won against Malaysia (3-0) and Laos (4-3) in group stages and lost to Indonesia (0-1). Lose against Indonesia was surprising result for them. In semi final round Singapore got a draw against Philippines in first leg of semi final and they managed to beat Philippines home 1-0 in second leg.

Singapore got advantage in home and beat Thailand with 3-1 score. Thailand will want to win this match and Singapore will defend to goal


Match Prediction: Thailand Wins


Thailand 2-0 Malaysia

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