Thailand v Finland Friendly Football Match – 23.01.2013

finland national football team

Thailand v Finland Friendly Football Match – 23.01.2013 – King’s Cup Match Preview

Thailand will host Finland National Football Team in 23.01.2013 at Chiang Mai, Thailand for a King’s Cup match. Thailand National Football team had decent performance in AFF Suzuki Cup but they couldn’t pass Singapore in final rounds and they got second place in tournament. It was promising result for Thailand National Football Team. Now they will face with a serious opponent in Chiang Mai and they will want to win this match. Thailand head coach called-up their best players for King’s Cup matches.



Finland head coach didn’t call up Finland’s ideal starting line-up for this match. He will try new and young faces against Thailand. So they will just play in this match for training. Mikael Forssel is the most valuable player of Finland squad at the moment. Others are generally young and unexperienced players.

Match Prediction: Thailand wins

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