England Premier League Fantasy Football

premier league fantasy football

England Premier League Fantasy Football

There are alot of Web Page about Fantasy Football Games currently. I just want to introduce some of them to you. I will start it with Official Fantasy Football Game of England Premier League. The Game is looks like UEFA’s fantasy football games. At the beginning in the game you have points to get new players for your squad.  You may change your  a few players for incoming fixtures.

How to play? 

You can download game for Windows and Blackberry and you can get it in Appstore, Ovistore.

At the beginning of the game they give you 100 million pounds and you get 15 new players with that cash. 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 attackers. You may only pick 3 players from a single team. and you choose your captain and vice captain.

There’s a gameweek deadline in the game. You should pick your squad before deadline and submit. You get your all points from your starting 11. If your captain scores in the match, you will get 2 times better points then normal one. 

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