Predict And Win – Earn Money with Predictions


We started a new game about match predictions recently. It’s not a bet game and you don’t have to pay about it but we will pay 50 dollars winner of month and winner of the year will receive 300 dollars. All you have to do is getting membership from our site and predict to matches. We will put random football matches from fixture of day. 

Scores of your predictions


  • Points for correct score: 5

For example predict 3-0 and the result is 3-0 award 5 points.

  • Points for guessing a draw: 2

For example predict 2-2 and the result is 1-1 award 2 points

  • Wrong score but predicted a win: 1

For example predict 1-0 and the result is 2-0 award 1 points

We will publish user rankings at the end of day.


How will we pay?


  • We just do our payments via Paypal. You will receive your earned money at the first week of the month.




  • You should get only one account for prediction games. If we understand that you are multi-playing, we are going to ban your accounts immediately.
  • You have to do your prediction once, if you change your prediction a few times, you will get 0 score for that game.
  • If you want to earn money from prediction game please have a paypal account, otherwise we won’t able to pay for you.



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