Iraq v Syria Match Preview – WAFF Championship 2012

Iraq National Football Team

Iraq will play with Syria in Kazma Stadium in Kuwait at WAFF Championship 2012. They have won against Jordan in their first match in Group C. There are only three teams in Group C in WAFF Championship. If Iraq wins this match they will qualify to next round. If they don’t they are going to wait result of Syria v Jordan Match. Iraq had good matches in 2012.  They have beaten Singapore (6-1) and Jordan (1-0) World Cup Qualifications. However their squad wasn’t quality enough to beat Australia and Japan. They have still chance to promote from group stages. They also got 3rd place in Arab Nations Cup this year. They have beaten Egypt, Lebanon  and got a draw against Sudan in Arab Nations Cup and they promote to semi final. However they lost against Morocco National Football Team and they played 3rd ranking match with Saudi Arabia and they have beaten Saudi Arabia with 1-0 score.


Iraq National Football Team Squad created by local team players. Iraq is favorite team of this match and I think it won’t be a hard game for them.


Syria National Football Team

In 2012 Syria National Football Team has just joined to Nehru Cup in India. They played 4 games in Nehru Cup and they could just beat Nepal. They have lost against Maldives and India. And they got draw against  Cameroon. Syria National Football Team hadn’t practice in formal matches and players couldn’t play well in their local leagues because of recent events in Syria.




Match Prediction: Iraq wins

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