French Guiana v Martinique Match Preview – Caribbean Cup 2012

French Guiana beat Jamaica and they lost against Cuba in Group Stages of Caribbean Cup. They will play against miracle team of Group Stages, Martinique. While Authorities thinking Martinique couldn’t even get one point,  they are standing at leader position in group stages. French Guiana needs to win this match or at the least they need one point. If they lose this match they won’t able to promote from group stages.



Martinique fought against Jamaica National Team in second match and they able to got a draw against them. It’s actually a good success for Martinique. I believe that Martinique fans couldn’t be happier then this. Their next opponent is French Guiana in Group stages of Caribbean Cup 2012. A draw will be enough for them to promote from Group Stages and I believe Martinique has spirit to do it against French Guiana at the moment.





Match Prediction: Martinique won’t lose match. There won’t be more then 3 goals in the match. 

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