Cruz Azul v Pumas Football Match – 10.02.2013

cruz azul squad
cruz azul squad

Cruz Azul v Pumas Football Match – 10.02.2013 – Mexico Premier League Match Preview

Cruz Azul v Pumas football match will be in 10.02.2013 at Mexico City, Mexico for Mexico Premier League. Cruz Azul haven’t lost any match in Mexico yet. Cruz Azul got 3 wins, 6 draws in home matches in Mexico Premier League. They have got 4 wins and a draw in their last 5 matches. Cruz Azul is going well in their home matches. They didn’t also lose any match in their last 7 match in Mexico. They are in form and they won’t want to lose another point in this match. Cruz Azul’s attackers in form. They have scored in their last 7 matches.




Pumas got a win and got 4 loses in their last 5 away matches. They have lost against Tigres, Jaguares, Quaretero and Merida FC; they also got win against Toluca in their last away match. Pumas away performance is not very promising for future.


Match Prediction: Cruz Azul Wins

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