AS Roma v Inter Milan Football Match – 23.01.2013

Francesco Totti inter milan v as romaAS Roma v Inter Milan Football Match – 23.01.2013 – Italy Cup Match Preview

AS Roma will host Inter Milan in 23.01.2013 at Rome, Italy for Italy Cup. As Roman and Inter Milan has met last week and there was a draw in match 1-1. They will face in Rome again and this time for a cup match. Football quality was quite low in Serie A match but I don’t think that it will happen again. An exciting match is awaiting us this time. Because both teams were thinking about cup match. AS Roma is quite good in home matches but I can’t say same thing about their away performance. All the same they have beaten Inter Milan in an away match in this season with a good result like 3-1.


Inter Milan’s performance is dropping nowadays and they are very far from championship race at the moment. Squad is quite tired after Bologna and AS Roma matches. Especially they have played extra-times in Bologna match and that made squad tired . Inter Milan only got 1 draw in their last 6 away matches and they lost rest of the matches. I think Inter Milan will lose against AS Roma in this match too…


Match Prediction: AS Roma Wins

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