Algeria v Togo Football Match – 26.01.2013

togo national football team
togo national football team

Algeria v Togo Football Match – 26.01.2013 – Africa Cup of Nations match preview

Algeria v Togo Football Match will be 26.01.2013 at Rustenburg, South Africa for Africa Cup of Nations 2013. Algeria National Football team had dissapointed performance against Tunis in their last match in Africa Cup of Nations 2013 and they lost 0-1. It wasn’t what people expected from Algeria National Football Team. If they don’t able to win this match it will be too hard for them to promote from group stages. Algeria National Football Team has problems with scoring in matches. I don’t think that they can win against Ivory Coast if this problem is go on in their next match. So they should win this match.



Togo National Football Team won’t promote next stage if they lose this match as same as Algeria. They will do anything for winning this match. They have quality players in their squad and they may do any surprises anytime. It could be fantastic for them if they could win against Algeria but I am not sure if they can do it.


Match Prediction: Togo doesn’t lose.

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