2013 UNCAF Nations Cup – Copa Centroamericana

2013 UNCAF Nations Cup – Copa Centroamericana

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Honduras v Belize Football Match – UNCAF Nations Cup Semi Final

Costa Rica v El Salvador Football Match – UNCAF Nations Cup Semi Final

Guatemala v Panama Football Match – UNCAF Nations Cup 5th Place


All Central America countries will participate this tournament and tournament will begin in 18.01.2013. Costa Rica   is host country at the moment. Matches will be capital San Jose city in Costa rica. There are 7 teams which will participate this tournament. Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Panama prepared well for this tournament, Honduras has a good team and everyone accept that Costa Rica is favourite team of tournament because they host UNCAF Nations Cup (Copa Centroamericana) and they have a good squad.

Group A Prediction

There are 4 teams in Group A. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize and Guatemala. I believe Costa Rica will finish group stage in leader position. They able to beat every team in this group. Guatemala will get second place and Nicaragua will get third place. 3rd team of groups will able to play fifth rank match. Belize has no chance at group because their squad quality is quite poor.

Group B Prediction

There are 3 teams in Group B in UNCAF Nations Cup. Honduras, El Salvador and Panama. I believe Panama will lead to group stage and Honduras will get second position and El Salvador is third. El Salvador is unlucky that they haven’t been in Group A. Matches will be hard for them

Guatemala v Nicaragua Football Match

Costa Rica v Belize Football Match

Honduras v El Salvador Match 

Costa Rica v Nicaragua Football Match

Nicaragua v Belize Football Match





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